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globaliD is a portable digital identity platform revolutionizing how we engage and transact online. It empowers users to build digital reputations and to maintain consent-based control over their personal data. Our solution frees our partners from the burden of proving user identity and storing sensitive personal information, all while being a compliant and trustworthy identity source.

Here, you'll find documentation, SDKs, and demos to serve as your guide. We'll walk you through creating your own globaliD developer account, creating an application and setting up the necessary features, and working with our APIs.

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About the globaliD APIs

globaliD currently offers 3 APIs for partners:

  • Authorization API: Provides partners a platfrom to query users for authenticateAsk users for authorizations to learn more about them or access a verification about their identity. You will need to have an access token to use this API.

  • Issuers API: Used by Verification Providers to configure new verification workflows for globaliD Partners. You will need to have an access token to use this API.

  • Namespace API: Publicly-available endpoints to query public information from user profiles and the globaliD identity namespace.