Required Verifications

The Required Verifications feature allow partners to define a set of requirements that users must verify about their identity. Partner applications can create a series of required verifications and surface them for users to complete through the App Connect and Web Connect interfaces.

How it works

The end goal of a required verification is to encode a series of requirements for users and generate an acrc_id. This unique identifier is used to implement with the GlobaliD authentication APIs to surface a series of verification requirements for users.

Once a user completes the required verifications through the GlobaliD app or the GlobaliD web client, partners will be able to authenticate a user through the standard Oauth 2.0 protocol.

Below are the steps to enable the Required Verifications feature: 1. After creating a developer application, you'll notice that there is a Required Verifications feature on the home page of the app. Here, you can add a set of verifications that you would like users to complete.

Required Verifications

when you add a verification, you'll be presented with UI to provide general information and choose information for users to authenticate.

  1. As you select information you would like users to verify, you will be presented an option to ask users to share the underlying PII data with you. If you choose to toggle this ON, users will be asked to consent to your ability to access this information from the GlobaliD Vault. We call this PII Sharing. Connect Feature

  2. Once complete, you'll receive a prompt sharing that the verification set is ready to be used. At this point, you can go to the Connect URLs configuration section from the developer application's home page to generate a URL that you can present to users to login with a username + password (Web Connect), and/or use the GlobaliD app to login (App Connect). Connect Feature

  3. While setting up the Connect URLs instance, youl'l be asked to optionally choose a verifiation set. Simply choose the set from the dropdown to prompt users for such information. Connect Feature

For any questions, please email Feel free to also ask questions on our discord server.

PII Sharing

The GloabliD system utilizes a user's device and an encrypted vault to store user data. In some cases, partners may need access to the underlying user personal and identifiable user information (PII). GlobaliD highly advises to only access such sensitive data for compliance and legal reasons. For more information, visit the Vault and PII Sharing page.